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A revolution is coming


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Learn from our experience. Browse 100s CLEVER MONEY saving tips, shopping guides and more. Value Spotters CHEAT SHEET

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Do you WANT TO CASH in on some unwanted things CLUTTERING your house? We can HELP YOU sell them. Your EBAY SELLER.

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Forget trawling the internet for Bargains. The best Deals Money can buy are all in one place.

This week's HOTEST handpicked bargains

We’re Value Spotters. Our job is to get more life out of your money.

All of us spend money – and almost all of us waste it.

Even clever shoppers would be shocked to find out how much money they waste.

Stop throwing away money. We’re going to help you spend you can buy more.

We’ve got a superb eye for value – the one you wish you had.


We’ll help you to get the vest value from clothing, restaurants, holidays, electronics, groceries – almost anything you spend your money on.


How do we save you all this cash?

We do all the research you don’t have time for. We constantly search for the best deals. We then share these genuine bargains with you.

We also share our secrets of how to get the best bargains so you can do it yourself. Our CHEAT SHEET page is full of clever shopping and money saving tips. We even show you how to make a little extra cash without too much effort.


But wait! There is more… You can also share your experiences, your best bargain finds that you are proud of, saving tips and anything else you can think of with fellow Value Spotters through Value Spotters THINK TANK


So, stop wasting your energy in the desperate search for a good deal.

Stop clogging up your inbox with promotional offers.

You’ll find all the bargains are in one place. Value Spotters.

Pick of the bunch

At Value Spotters, we do the hard work for you. We have taken the time-consuming nightmare out of bargain hunting.

We’ve thought of it all. Perhaps you are looking for a new pair of shoes? Cheap movie tickets? Maybe you’re upgrading your home entertainment system? Or just generally interested in finding a bargain? Our job is to trawl through the thousands of offers and present you with the best, most genuine qualified options. We call them PICK OF THE BUNCH!

Cherry Pickers CLUB

Perhaps you want to go a step further than that? Do you want our team of shopping experts to find the best possible price on a particular item for you?

Our CHERRY PICKERS CLUB is the place where very busy people go to get their searching done for them

CHERRY PICKERS CLUB experience is completely unique and unlike anything offered before. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we will hunt down the best options for you.


Thank you for recommending a great international on-line shoe sale! I am enjoying my $25 Wanted shoes very much :)


I have been following Value Spotters money saving advice long before they had a website. They have shown me how I can spend less without sacrificing anything that i like to do. Simple changes, like disconnecting my home phone line, buying 1 cup of coffee a day instead of 2, etc. makes a huge difference over time. I am now saving around $200 a week, thanks to Value Spotters


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